New Vintages!

Good wines take time - since the 2022 harvest, 4 of our prestige wines in particular have been allowed to mature in peace in order to be able to exploit their full potential! After this long process, we can finally proudly present the following wines...

Blauburger 2022

Fine soft aroma, some cherry, full body, soft tannin - for special moments, with a storage potential of up to 10 years
Best combined with duck, goose, game or cheese

Blauer Portugieser 2022

Ripe blackberries meet fruity cherries. With only 11.5% vol., it promises an insane drinking flow which is really fun!
Perfect with blue cheese, hard cheese or as a solo

Riesling "Selektion" 2022

Our Star was 100% hand-picked and only the best grapes were selected. It scores with a pronounced apricot note, which is reflected on the palate as very juicy. Supported by an animating acidity, with a touch of citrus.
These fine wines are perfect for light meat or various fish dishes

Grüner Veltliner Selektion 2022

Also the harvest from our prestige wine was 100% by hand and only selected by the best grapes. Inviting yellow-fleshed aromas on the nose, combined with a little mango, which is reflected on the palate. Followed closely by ripe bananas, supported by nutty flavors. 
Perfect companion for dark meat and hearty dishes.