We are SALON Winery 2022

From the Weinviertel to southern Styria and from Vienna to the Eisenberg: Hardly any other cultural asset represents Austria as diverse and brilliant as its wines with their protected origins. It is all the more important to duly honor the most brilliant representatives of local winemaking art. The SALON Austria Wine, the toughest wine competition in the country, has been dedicated to this task for more than three decades.

In multi-stage blind tastings, the expert SALON jury selects Austria's best wines of all styles from thousands of submissions every year. It depends on the origin! In addition to classic taste criteria, it is also evaluated how well and independently the origin - from the region to the vineyard - can be tasted in the wine. With this special focus on the typical origin of the submitted wines, the SALON seal becomes a guarantor for the exquisite quality of its winners: Austria's regional wealth of pleasure, carefully bottled.

In 2022 we were able to convince with our "Gelber Muskateller 2021". He was named FINALIST (best 2% overall Lower Austria) and finally SALON.